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History Of Playstation

History Of PlayStation Network 1994-2018:-

OVERVIEW:PlayStation is a world-famous trademark in the gaming world for decades. The history of PlayStation network is that, this gaming brand is solely owned by the USA based Sony Interactive Entertainment. The first edition of PlayStation launched on December 3, 1994, in Japan. It is a combination of four video gaming consoles, a media center, two handheld devices, an online service, a set of controllers and a phone. Ken Kutaragi, the ex hardware-head of the organization is regarded as the ‘father of the PlayStation’. Sony first entered the gaming market through the tie-up with Nintendo in the 1980s. Later Nintendo broke the partnership and allied with Phillips which triggered Sony’s jump into the gaming market with a new 3D generation and motion-based video games with no use of cartridges. Though the initial versions of it contained low hardware configuration, it was improved with perfection in a short span of time. In 2000, PlayStation 2 was launched setting a new benchmark on the gaming world with recording breaking sales of 155 million consoles worldwide.

History Of PlayStation Network
PlayStation overview


This version of PlayStation was launched in 2006 with more advanced features. The CPU is powered by Cell Broadband Engine working at 3.2 GHz clock speed. The main memory of the unit is composed of 256 MB DRAM. PlayStation 3 has a provision of SATA hard disc ranging from 12 GB to 500 GB. The display unit of the device supports nearly all type of video formats. The video output ranges from the conventional 480i (PAL) to 1080pi (HD). PlayStation 3 has an inbuilt NVIDIA/SCEI RSX Reality Synthesizer Graphics Unit with 550Mhz clock speed. The sound section has premium feature like Dolby True HD quality with a 5.1 channel output. The entire system works on PlayStation Network solely designed for this series.

PlayStation 3
PlayStation 3

‘Resistance: Fall of Man’ from Insomniac Games I the first popular game compatible with PlayStation 3. Grand Theft Auto V has emerged out to be the best-seller till date among all the PlayStation 3 games getting 20 million units sold worldwide.



With a wide appreciation of the PlayStation 3, Sony inspired to develop another more feature-rich model PlayStation 4. Since the launch in 2013, it gave tough competition to Nintendo’s Switch and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The CPU is powered by Semi-customed 8-core AMD x86-64 Jaguar processor having 1.6 GHz speed. According to AMD, the CPU unit can reach 1.84 teraflops making it the most powerful processor produced by them to date. The main memory of the unit is composed of 8GB DDR5 RAM. PlayStation 4 has a provision of SATA hard disc ranging from 500 GB to 1 TB. The display unit of the device supports nearly all type of video formats. PlayStation 4 has a video output ranging from the conventional 480i (PAL) to 1080pi (HD) and 4K quality.

PlayStation 4 1TB Console With Call of Obligation

sony ps4

This device features PlayStation Vita which enables the user to play games off-console. PlayStation 4 emphasizes on social interaction & integration with third-party devices. Remote Play is another unique feature which makes online streaming of the game with friends an easy job.


The latest gaming console released by Sony till date is an updated form of PS4 called PlayStation 4 Pro. In 2016, the biggest rivals of the industry Microsoft and Nintendo have released Xbox OneX and Nintendo Switch respectively back-to-back and PlayStation lovers have been expecting a good reply from Sony soon. There is a hoax around the internet about unbelievable features of PS5, but no official announcement has been made by the organization yet.

It is said that Sony has invested a lot of money and resources to develop PS4 and don’t have a plan to launch a new one till they encash every penny spent. The expected date of release of PS5 is late 2018-2020, according to the market emotions.



All the market leaders of infotainment business are noticing the current market trend of people, moving from satellite or dish TV to internet TV and Sony is not an exception. Actually, it is an inevitable consequence of the decade-long research to combine computer and television within a single gadget. Sony declared its entry in this business by launching PlayStation Vue in March 15, 2015. It supports all HD TV channels along with cloud-based DVR recording and live video streaming.

PlayStation vue
PlayStation vue

PlayStation Vue does not function like a pay and watches model of conventional satellite TV.Rather, it follows online subscription procedure like Netflix or Hulu. To be able to avail the services you must have compatible devices like PS3, PS4, Android TV, Computer etc. with a high-speed internet connectivity. You have to log on to the website and make a profile which will entitle you to a free 7 days trial subscription. If you do not cancel it yourself within the free trial period, you will be charged monthly through the registered credit card. Cloud DVR recording allows you to record any program up to 28 days and play it later as per your convenience. VOD (Video On Demand) service is also available for serving the viewers with favorite movies. And the last but not the least, PlayStation Vue features ‘picture-in-picture’ option in PS4 console. It enables the viewer to watch three TV channels simultaneously on a single screen!