Video Game Consoles Timeline

Video Game Consoles Timeline 1972-2018:-

Children and parents found a new way of entertainments when the Gaming Consoles are coming into the market. In Video Game Consoles Timeline 1972-2018,  or the eighth generation of Gaming Consoles every time it rocks the game lovers and players.The Fist video Game console in the history

But the first story is not as smooth as it is today. Atari, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are the big players of Gaming Consoles manufacturer. They launched different gaming consoles for the time of the beginning, and the game development companies also develop as per the hardware they provide, sometimes out of that. Like Microsoft have Xbox Kinect and Xbox 360. Sony has: PlayStation, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation Vue. Also, Nintendo has Nintendo 2ds, Nintendo 3ds, and Nintendo Switch.

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But who can not effort a gaming console; they can also play video games on Personal computers and laptops. Some laptop manufacturers like HP and Dell or Razer have gaming laptops. But you may have the question in your mind- what may you buy for yourself- Is that HP pavilion laptops, or what is the Best Dell Laptop, or what is the best laptop to buy for your work and gaming both. Today, we try to find the answers.


As the evolution of video Gaming Consoles taught us,- no particular consoles make the impact for a huge time. The first video game came in early 1960, to be played on a massive computer, but no analog TV support.

But the story changes when Magnavox released the console called- Magnavox Odyssey in 1972. It’s the first home-based video game console. And the plus point was it’s connected to the Home’s TV. Then everything changes.  In 1979 the handheld game consoles are coming to market as MicroVision. Then the ‘Epoch Game Pocket Computer’ in pocket computer

The person who has a device like that, is the rock star among friends. The trend continues to today. Now the smart-phones have the bigger screen bigger memory and excellent graphics for games. But it’s worth to play video games on your phone or you must use a  Gaming Console like- Nintendo 2ds, 3ds, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Kinect, Xbox 360, PlayStation, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation Vue, etc or you may use the laptops for your gaming! That’s a million dollar question and the game development industry is fighting for it.Video Game Consoles Timeline


The fact is an HP Pavilion laptop or Best Dell Laptop or the suitable heavy hardware consisting laptops are power hungry and also the price goes higher. Yes, you can use the laptop as a mobile device for entertainments, but are they packed with juice for your favorite games? I think not! But some laptop manufacturer focused on building gaming laptops, but the price is much higher than normal Gaming Consoles.

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 history of video game consoles 1972-2018
xbox One

As you are searching the web for best laptop to buy, you must

get a suitable deal on eBay or Amazon, but it’s for your work and a little of entertainments. Surely you can able to play some normal games, but not like Call of Duty- Advanced Warfare. Strategy games, for pc Total War: Warhammer II can be playable in some of the high-end laptops, but you can’t expect to play- Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Assassin’s Creed OriginsCall of Duty: WWII, etc. Or you have to attach an external graphics card to your laptop like- Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1070 Gaming Box or Alienware Graphics Amplifier or the PowerColor Devil Box. But it will cost you $180 to $1200 extra. Where the Razer Blade Pro cost you around $3700, is that a good deal for you?  You may try to assemble a pc with high configuration; all the gamers are doing that right now. You will get the value for money.

If you think the quality and the experience of playing a same game on the different consoles are same- then you are wrong. Like the ‘Need For Speed’- the game is available for PC, smart-phone and other consoles. For Pc, you have to use the keyboard to control your car. In the mobile, your accelerometer will help you navigate your car. But in game consoles, it’s the handheld device you use in default. But if you are a true hardcore gamer, you may buy a setup for your virtual racing, which may cost you lots of money. The same goes for the FPS games. The detailed graphics will be noted in gaming consoles, and in a high-end PC or laptop. But the money is the key factor. Buy new games for the game series you love. Like Call of Duty or Battlefield or Need for Speed. If you have to also pay for the regular hardware changes, it will be ridiculed for you. So we recommend, when you buy yourself a new laptop or PC or smart-phone, you should go for the latest technology containing device. That way, you may keep up with the latest games.

Someday, the virtual reality will be well absorbed in gaming technology, where you can play like in the movie The Matrix. But till today, we have to play the game on the device available in the market. Nintendo, Atari, Sony or Microsoft, what console you have, are the line of defense for you, for ‘Command and Conquest’ the gaming worlds. You may play online and build a good reputation. But is that worth it? Yes, it is- The Gaming Expo or Gaming Contest will be your place if you like the challenge to play and win the prize money. First, you have to play and practice the game for the contest, and then you take part in the contest and win big money. From that money, you can buy the Best Dell Laptop for yourself or buy the best and latest gaming consoles from any suitable companies. It will be a very pleased moment for you when you use a new device you win in the gaming contests. As a gamer, you should understand the hidden potential of your gaming consoles and You. As it said in the racing world- “It’s not about the ride, it’s about the rider!” That means, what device you use, it’s not a matter, only you can unlock the secrets. Just be a gamer and rock the world with your skill.hp pavilion 360-laptop buying guide

But the Gaming Consoles are designed to do one simple thing. Just to play the video game and enjoy. You can buy a new Gaming Console in the price range of $50 to $500, depends on the manufacturing company or the specifications of the product.

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You can buy a play station 4 for just $349.99 to $399.99. Or the Xbox 360 price will be $250 to $450. Or the Nintendo Switch will be approximately $599. Connect them with your ultra high definition Televisions, and you will have the bigger gaming display in the neighborhood. Surely the game consoles like Nintendo 2ds, Nintendo 3ds, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Kinect, Xbox 360, PlayStation, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation Vue have lots of games that can be playable in a laptop or pc. But some games are only created for the game consoles only. To play that type of exciting games, you need to buy your own gaming consoles from the list I mentioned. Or you may search for the best laptop to buy, and then buy the Best Dell Laptop or HP pavilion laptop. It’s your choice, so choose wisely. Happy gaming- proud gamer! After Reading This article on Video Game Consoles Timeline also read other article by click on the links for complete information about each video game consoles.

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